The Inspire Change staff is collaborating with the ALLEGIANCE production team to ensure the show's thought provoking content is explored through a responsible, critical, and constructive lens by both the cast and the entire creative team. As a translation of that work, the ALLEGIANCE website will provide robust online resources designed by Inspire Change for all audiences, in addition to a specially designed educator guide for use by classroom teachers covering show-related themes and content, all connected back to curricula-specific benchmarks and Common Core standards.


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Hi Rachel,
I just wanted to thank you and your team for giving our students the complete experience of seeing Allegiance.  It really opened their eyes to a whole world that many of them never knew existed!
The pre and post workshops were great for the kids!  They really allowed the students to grasp the content of the show where they otherwise might have been lost.  It was clear when they participated in the post-workshop today how much of the plot they were able to understand because of the background knowledge your teaching artists gave them. It was also obvious that the teaching artists had a lot of experience, both in handling a classroom of young adults, as well as planning and adjusting their lessons accordingly. As someone who went to school for Educational Theatre, it was wonderful to see this in action.
Again, I can't thank you enough.  This was a great start to the drama curriculum to our school and was a wonderful supplementary experience to our World War II unit.  My students will never forget having seen this show and what it taught them. 
I look forward to any opportunity to work with your group. Please keep me informed as I would LOVE to apply again. 
Thank you!!
Nadiene Jacques